CR10 – Fiscal Cash Register

With integrated GPRS modem


Strong and reliable device, easy to maintain. User Friendly display menu system designed for easy and fast device use. Protected issuing of REFUND fiscal receipt. Automatically Z report printing with possibility to set printing period for every: 24h, 25h, 26h or 27h. Electronic journal capacity enough for one printer lifetime. And much more! Our engineering solutions are already tested and proved!

Possibility of Buyer’s data printing on the fiscal receipt: Buyer’s TIN, Buyer’s name, Trade name and Buyer’s number.

Technical detailsFiscal Cash Register CR10


Format prices (numbers) 9+3(10+2)
Maximum value of digits in the account 9+3(10+2)
Fiscal memory Indelible, permitted daily reports up to 2000, 10 years keeps data without power, with the inclusion of cash is checked them.
Control paper tape Electronic journal (Up to 16GB)
Thermal printer SEIKO termal head
Print speed 60 mm/sec
Connecting the PC
RS-232C, USB
Battery Built in (optionally)
Displays Front: 132×64, Rear: 132×32
Electric power supply Adapter – 220V AC 50Hz ± 1Hz – 9V DC/2000mA. To
charge the built-in battery
Clock / calendar At least 1 year in OFF state
GPRS-modem Integrated
Dimensions 242x110x82 mm, 0.480 kg


Bar cod articles EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC
Length of the articles Up to 32 character
Database articles
Internal code 65000
Tax rates 3 programmable + 1 NON TAXABLE
ECR Report Z-report (Daily report with cleaning); The report of the
fiscal memory – periodical summary reports.
Archive accounts
with PC
Number of
Number of operators Up to 10
Access levels
Low | Medium | High
Methods of Payment Cash, check, card, credit
Printer mode Yes
Allowed number of
changes in tax rates
Maximum 30 changes,
after that the FM is locked for further entries
Number of Resets Maximum 50 resets, after that the FM is locked for
further entries